Snippet from Reason

Hey! I currently have 50,000 words written for the third book in the Greystone Series. Here’s a snippet:

“We need to hide our existence from the human world,” Victor explained seriously.

“So…what does all of this mean for me?” I asked, getting nervous again, wondering if they were going to let me go back to school or if they were going to keep me captive…or worse.

“It means you have a new roommate,” Reason barked. “Me.”

I stared at him, not sure I’d heard him right. I wasn’t against spending more time with the good-looking gargoyle, far from it. But I wasn’t ready to live with him…in a small studio apartment, sleeping in the same room, sharing a bathroom, with no privacy from a guy who didn’t appear to like me very much. “But. But. My place is too small for a roommate.”

“Hey,” he snapped. “I don’t like it either. But either I go with you or you stay here with us.”

My mouth opened and closed a few times. I probably looked about as smart as goldfish. “But why you? If you guys think I need to be watched, why can’t it be one of the others?”

“Because this is my mess,” he muttered. “I caused it. I need to be the one to take care of it.”

So I was his “mess”. Personally, I didn’t consider that a compliment.

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