3rd Snippet from Reason

I pointed at the empty window, the cold night breeze lifting the filmy white curtains and ballooning them into the room. “What was that?”

“A harpy,” he panted, clearly familiar with the thing that had just smashed into my studio apartment. “It was after me.”

No kidding. “Don’t you think you should have told me about harpies?” I exploded. “You should have warned me that they came optional with gargoyles.”

He shook his head and looked around at the mess. The bed-sheet that I’d tacked to the ceiling a little while ago lay crumpled on the floor, tangled with the broken glass. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting this. If I’d thought this was going to happen, I’d have definitely said something.”

“Something like—oh by the way, now that I’m your roommate, there’s a good chance your life might end tomorrow?”

“Aye.” he growled, “Something exactly like that.”

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