Reason is Published!!!

I’m so excited to announce that Reason, the third book in the Greystone Series, is currently available in ebook format at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Thanks to everyone who reads the Greystone guys. I hope ya like this latest addition!

8 responses to “Reason is Published!!!

  • Dee

    I have just spent the last 2 days reading your 3 books and it was awesome being part of their world. I can’t stop thinking about your wonderful characters! They were all so unique. Please tell me you are working on the next book šŸ™‚ i just can’t believe how attached i am to these characters. I’m dying to find out about the rest of the boys,especially to here about the missing boys stories. Sorry for the ramble, i just really really loved your books and can’t wait to read more šŸ™‚ thank you!

    • tlongford

      Hi Dee! Thanks for dropping by! I’d like to continue the series. But the series has never sold more than a few books a day, so I plan to work on improving my writing skills before I carry on. In the meantime, please leave reviews wherever you bought the books! Thanks bunches!

  • Treasure

    I gloppindop this book lols. You made Elaina sound really ugly in the beginning lols but she says she’s not so I believe her. She was kinda idk annoying or really nosy in the beginning. I mean who shows up to someones house unannounced, a stranger at that. And she was asking questions like she deserved to know (before the harpy attack). But I liked her despite the fact that she’s nosy she was really sweet. I didn’t get her getting jealous over Mackenzie I really wouldn’t have been interested in Reason if I was her. He was mean, rude & didn’t seem interested in her romantically or as a friend. Honestly the only good thing about him were his looks because his attitude & the way he treated her would’ve turned me off to him. And all that crap about how he needed Mackenzie more than me was annoying. I like duh you’re just a human that just found out about gargoyles what can you do you don’t know nothing. She is to nice of a girl so I figured she wouldn’t want a jerk or fall for one but I guess she’s shallow lols j/k. I thought it was kinda pathetic & I felt really sad for her she’s such a sweet, nice, cool chick the way she was so into him I was like his actions speak way louder than Dare’s words. Cause although he slipped a few times he didn’t show that he liked her too tough. I didn’t like that Elaina keep that very important secret from him I thought that was really trifling & her reasoning behind it was dumb. Find his family who are in need & in trouble or go to school when he doesn’t even have id. School could’ve waited he was gonna get a scholarship he’s talented enough to get another. That fact that she was mad that he didn’t want to mark her was stupid like who would want to spend forever with a liar, someone that keeps secrets & can’t be trusted. Other than that I thought she was cool. And what’s with Defiance I hope he’s this hard on when its time to let Whitney in the pack lols, he’s mean to everyone at first. I love Havoc he is just too cute. He needs to find him a lass asap. He’s like the perfect guy cute, funny, nice, can cook & he’s hot. I don’t like that he’s not into reading or atleast making a effort to learn. But maybe he just hasn’t found the right motivation. All in all loved the book. Once Reason & Elaina finally got it together I was relived. I thought my hair would turn white from all that stress those to put me through scared to admit how they felt about one another. I really hope you continue this series its really good & the storyline with Chaos & Torrie sounds really good.

    • tlongford

      Hahaha! Thanks for the nice, long comment! I’m sorry if the characters were annoying at times. I’m trying to make all of the characters different so readers don’t get bored!

      : D

      • Treasure

        Lols sorry bout the long comment but I really liked the book & had alot to say about it. But even though the characters were annoying sometimes if they weren’t I would’ve been bored. Without the drama it wouldn’t have been real, well as real as a story about gargoyles can get lols. Anyway loved the book please continue this series. I really need Havoc to find someone.

      • tlongford

        I loved the long comment! It was brilliant! Havoc will find someone, never mind.

  • Trish

    I rushed to Amazon and bought as soon as I read your note. I then realized I forgot my Kindle at home. It’s going to be so hard to wait till tonight to start reading. Thank you!!

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