Update on the Greystone Series

I’ve received a lot of emails asking about my next book, and want everyone to know that I’ve started the fourth book in the Greystone Series, Defiance’s story. I have about 10,000 words so far so that’s a good start. But keep in mind:

1. The first 10,000 words are the easiest

2. The last 10,000 words are the slowest

So I don’t want to make any promises about when the book will be out, because I’m busy at work and don’t have much time to write. But I have a clear view of where the story’s going, so I’m encouraged. In the meantime, please leave reviews for my books! They really help.

And check out the rough sketch of Dare on my home page!

17 responses to “Update on the Greystone Series

  • Mariah Edwards

    Yay! I’m excited to see what happens with torrie and chaos and especially with Whitney and defiance!!!!!! That is going to be super duper! Eeeeeeeeepppppppppp!!!!!!:)

  • Mariah Edwards

    Oh no! I hope that chaos gets his happy ending if the harpy has his rune! If they kill the harpy and chaos is free will torrie and his relationship be different since he can’t give his rune to torrie? Hope things work out with torrie and him. But I love your books! They are so fantastic! Can’ wait for defiance’s book!!!!!

    • tlongford

      I think I can eke out a happy ending for Chaos. I imagine their relationship will be a little different but just as strong. Glad you like the books. I hope Defiance won’t take too much longer.

  • Liz

    I think this might be my favorite series of books ever. I can’t wait for Defiance’s book to come out!! I think he might be my favorite character…. Him or Reason… Anyways, you are an amazing writer and I’m looking forward to your next books! 🙂

  • Treasure

    Omg this is great news!!! I can’t wait!!! Chaos & Torrie’s story has to be told.

    • Treasure

      I know your doing Defiance’s story first but you said Chaos recuse will happen in this book.

      • tlongford

        Yep. The guys need to come up with a plan to steal Chaos away from Vilschka but they need to talk to Torrie first. And her family is keeping a close eye on her so it isn’t easy to get a few minutes alone with her.

  • Lanelle

    Yeah!!!! I’m so excited to hear that you’re working on the the next book. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and stories with us. I would NEVER complain but I kinda thought that the next book would be about Chaos and Torrie. That’s okay. I can wait. I guess.

    • tlongford

      Sorry about that! But the guys have to rescue Chaos before I can tell his story. Torrie’s gonna give them a hand, though. So you’ll hear quite a bit about both Chaos and Torrie in Defiance’s story. : )

      • Trish

        Oh I’m glad to hear that! I’m really curious to hear about them. I love these teasers.

      • tlongford

        Everyone’s going to pitch in and help to get Chaos away from Vilschka. : ) ‘Course, now that she’s wearing his rune, Chaos’s instincts command that he defend the harpy…to the death. So that makes things a bit tricky.

  • callella

    This news just made my day!!! So pleased that the series is to be continued – each book just gets better and better – can’t wait for the next one 🙂 Thank-you so much

  • Trish

    Woohoo!! I’m so excited you’re already working in it!!! I can’t wait! And i love the sketch of Dare!! Having a visual of of Dare of great.

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