Third Snippet from Defiance (Coming Soon)

Down at the lanes, Torrie was sitting in the score-keeper’s chair and Reason immediately slipped into the seat beside her. Per our plan, he acted like he didn’t have a clue about bowling—which was the truth, actually—but it gave him a good excuse to talk to Torrie and ask her how to set up the game.

The rest of us clumped around Reason until MacKenzie broke us up, shooing us away. “Spread out,” she hissed, and shoved a heavy ball at me. “We look like we’re ganging up on her. Her sister’s gonna freak.”

“What am I supposed to do with this?” I asked, frowning down at the black ball in my hands.

She pushed me toward the top of the lane. “Get started.”

That wasn’t exactly the most informative directive in the world so I sent a questioning look in Mim’s direction.

“Take some practice shots,” she advised in her quiet voice. “Try to knock down the pins.”

“Okay,” I muttered, and checked out the wooden pins at the end of aisle. I hefted the ball up to eye level and wrapped my fingers around the ball. Then I dropped my arm and swung it in an arc…

“Defiance!” MacKenzie screeched.

Somehow, I managed to stop the ball before it left my hand. “What?” I shouted back at her, more than a little rattled.

Her face was like a storm. “You’re not supposed to throw the ball!”

I looked at her then down at the ball. “I knew that,” I lied.

She paced over to me, looking all annoyed. “You’re supposed to roll the ball. On the floor. Down the alley.”

I gave her a nod like I had everything under control. Swinging my arm a little lower this time, I released the ball and watched it flash down the aisle. The neat arrangement of pins exploded, pieces of wood flying out and littering the lanes beside us. “Better?” I asked her with a lifted eyebrow.

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