Update on the Greystone Series

Hey! So I have a cover for Defiance and I really love it. I finished the story last week, including edits. Then I woke up yesterday morning and started having doubts so I’ve been working on a rewrite. But I think I’m ready to start formatting. I still hope to upload the book tonight. In the meantime, here’s a little snippet to hold everyone over:


“What’s wrong with your mouth?” Havoc asked halfway through dinner.

“What do you mean?” I countered, quickly dragging my wrist across my mouth in case I was wearing some of Whitney’s pink lip-gloss. My mind had wandered during dinner and I’d been thinking about her. Specifically, of the kiss we’d shared at the stables.

Havoc lifted his fork and jabbed it in my direction. “Your mouth is bent the wrong way.”

“It’s called a smile,” Dare chuckled as he helped himself to another potato.

“Nay, it can’t be a smile. Defiance never smiles. Unless…” Havoc’s pale green eyes narrowed with suspicion. “Who’d you kill?”

While the rest of the pack snickered, I pulled a warm roll from the basket on the table and threw it at his face. He caught it in one hand and tore off half with his teeth, grinning as he chewed.

“Are you suggesting that Defiance is only happy when he’s killing something?” Valor chuckled.

Havoc rocked his chair back on its hind legs. “Not at all. I’m sure he’s also happy when he’s riding a horse…and kissing a lass.”

A flash of heat spilled across my cheekbones and I wondered if Havoc knew how close he was to the truth.

“Do you mean at the same time?” Dare questioned jokingly.

Havoc cut an appraising look in my direction. “For Defiance to squeeze out a smile, he’d probably have to be doing both at the same time. And the lass would have to be way pretty. And it would have to be a lovely sunny summer day with no harpies on the earth. And he’d need a pouch full of gold coins.”

I jerked my chin upward in agreement. I didn’t add that it would have to be the right lass.

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