Update to the Greystone Series

I just uploaded Defiance to Amazon so it should be published by morning, maybe sooner! Now I must upload it to B&N and Smashwords. Then I need to post the cover and excerpt here at my website. Then I’m done! Which will be way nice because I’m really tired of sitting down. : )  I never want to see a chair again!

8 responses to “Update to the Greystone Series

  • Mariah Edwards

    Thank u so much!!!!!!! I really appreciate it and thank u for listening to my rambling. I can’t wait for the next book but u can totally take a vacation because of ur hard work! But I’ll be waiting for the next one and I’m glad that they got Chaos! Also I see a little somethin’ somethin’ with Victor and Samantha! 🙂 once again thanks!!

  • Mariah Edwards

    Hey Taylor! I absolutely loved ur book!! It was so awesome I couldn’t put it down! One thing that would make it more better for me and maybe some others to read would be to not put a lot of swearing in it. I didn’t mind what u did in the first three books but please don’t add any more swearing words or the “b” word or more than “kissing” cuz I’m only 16 and I really love ur books and want to keep reading them but if it has that stuff in it I won’t be able to read them and that would really be depressing for me. I don’t think it would ruin the quality of ur books cuz u r so good at writing and have a lot of creativity that could be used in a different way instead of using stuff like that. But this is my opinion and u can do what u want with ur books and I still love them and would love to keep reading the series!
    your friend and big fan,

    • tlongford

      Hey Mariah: Glad you liked the book! There will definitely never be more than “kissing” in the series. Swearing will vary a little, depending on the character (Defiance was a bit of a dark character), but I’ll try to drift back toward less swearing. : )

  • Mariah Edwards

    Well of course! Who wouldn’t want to stick with those guys?!

  • Mariah Edwards

    YAY!!!!! i have something to read tomorrow because i have a kindle so i’ll be getting Defiance right away!!! U did great!

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