Coming of Age

Today I received an email from a new reader who wanted to know more about the gargoyles’ “coming of age”. In Dare’s book, I said: “Our mothers named us and our fathers marked us when we came of age.” And the reader wanted to know when does a gargoyle “come of age”.

A gargoyle comes of age on the thirteenth year after his birth, on the longest day of the year (or summer solstice, which is the first day of summer). At that time, the pack holds a ceremony and the boys are marked with their runes by their fathers. Interestingly, the younger members of the Greystone Pack were only twelve when their fathers died. So Havoc and Force were marked by the pack leader at that time – who was Victor!

The gargoyles are named by their mothers any time between their birth and two years of age. The mother usually waits to name the boy until she has an idea of his personality. Sometimes that’s right away. Sometimes that takes a while. But both Defiance and Havoc were named within a few days of their birth. : )

If you have any other questions, send ’em along.

8 responses to “Coming of Age

  • Laural Pendragon

    I have a question. When do a gargoyles’s barbs first appear?

  • Mariah Edwards

    Really?!!!! That is super cool!!! Thanks for letting me know!!!

  • Maribel

    Wow this is so jolly awesome! I know there hasn’t been a female gargoyle or a male harpy, but is it possible? I would like to believe that the pack can have a female harpy,but a girl can dream right?

    Oh and I was wondering on finding out more about the harpies and how they take care of their babies, can they only be with a gargoyle to have kids or can they be with a human?, I mean the harpies are evil creatures but they want love and family too right?

    (sorry if I wrote too much, all of these popped up into my head and I had to ask)

    • tlongford

      I don’t believe it’s possible for a female gargoyle or male harpy to exist. At least, it’s never happened before!

      A harpy can only have kids with a gargoyle. They care for their children until they’re about five years old, then the little ones are “out of the aerie” and on their own. The mother’s care doesn’t extend beyond feeding the young harpies. They don’t make the most caring mothers in the world.

  • Mariah Edwards

    Cool!! So it was mentioned in one of the books that the pack leader has to wait until everyone else finds a girl, so is victor’s story going to be last? Also why do they have weird ( but very amazing) names? Why not bill or bob or billy bob joe? Or r those kind of names not in the rune alphabet!? But I love there names!

    • tlongford

      Victor’s story won’t necessarily be the last because (as you know) rules are often broken when love is involved.

      And you probably know that the names we take for granted nowadays originally meant something. Like Bill (William) originally meant helmet (or protector) and Bob (Robert) originally meant bright fame (or famous)

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