First Snippet from Chaos

Eventually, Vilschka settled on a tool she thought she could use against me. The harpy was probably limited in her choices and had probably grabbed up the first human that was handy—a young lass with short blond hair and big brown eyes.

At first glance, she didn’t seem like the sort of girl who would move a gargoyle’s heart. By her dress and hair, she looked like a bit of a harlequin who belonged in a troupe of performers like the ones that traveled the countryside back in my time. But my senses told me she was more than she seemed.

And when she started singing, I wanted to warn her to be quiet. Because harpies hate music and I was afraid Vilschka would beat her. Which she tried. But somehow the tiny lass dodged the harpy’s massive fists. And after that, you wouldn’t believe the insults that spewed from the young girl’s mouth. I’m talking sailor material. Maybe even pirate.

And against all odds, I suspected I’d found my soul mate.

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