Chaos now available at Amazon

Chaos is now available at Amazon in Kindle format. Other formats should appear soon!

23 responses to “Chaos now available at Amazon

  • Mariah Edwards

    That’s lame! We used to not get any either since we lived near a busy street. Then we moved and now we get about 20 people that come to our house which isn’t a lot even though we live in a big sub division but we’ll take it. I hope you still had fun!!

  • Mariah Edwards

    No…. I just handed out candy. I know it’ s of lame but I didn’t have a costume and my friends weren’t having a party so I just made other kids happy by handing out candy which was fun cuz there were some cute costumes. Did you dress up?

  • Mariah Edwards

    Happy Halloween!! My friends say they loved your books!

  • Hollie

    Very fun book! So glad you wrote it! Your writing is getting better and better with each book. You are turning into a very talented writer. Can we expect another anytime soon?

    • tlongford

      Thanks! It’s so cool that you think I’m improving! : ) So far, it has been taking me about six months to write a book in my spare time. So I guess that’s not exactly anytime soon, hahaha. Wish I had more time!

  • amelasky

    Oh I LOVED chaos! Now, tragically the long wait begins for book 6. 😦 Yoi have created such wonderful characters. Cannot wait to learn all about Force and to see what Havoc’s future looks like.

    • tlongford

      I know, right? I started the series for young teenage girls and I’m afraid they’ll all be in college by the time I finish. And the stories will seem really tame to a bunch of 18-19 year olds! THANKS for the review you left at Amazon, by the way. I REALLY appreciate it!

  • Mariah Edwards

    Exactly…. 🙂

  • Mariah Edwards

    Awesome!!! it would be cool if they ended up together but it’s not up to me or anyone but you to decide that. Either way it will end up being a great book that I’ll gladly read.

  • Mariah Edwards

    I seriously loved it! I’m so glad that Torrie was able to have Chaos’s rune after all!! I think it would be cute if Havoc and Sophie got together! But I’m not sure if he just likes her because she reminds him of his sister or if he actually likes her, which would be awesome! I love this series and I told my friends and they got it right away! Can’t wait to discuss it with them! Thanks for the great book!!!! 🙂

  • Angie

    read it. Love it. My one complaint is that I have a feeling that Sophie and Havoc will end up together. which is creeping me out. i mean, she’s four years younger than him. but oh well

    • tlongford

      Well, she’s four years younger than him right NOW…

      But if something happened to her and he felt like he had to promise to wait for her…they could actually be sixteen at the same time.

      Would that be not so creepy?

      Glad you liked the book, Angie!


      • Angie

        no offense but i just can’t see it. havoc…. no, havoc…. he needs.. some sort of… oh, i’m not the author, i can’t think of anything. it just doesn’t sit right with me. Sofie + havoc = no, it’s be like he’s dating his younger sister! and the timing, four years! it’s just… no, i can’t, my havoc feels are just refusing this match

      • tlongford

        Hahaha! I think the idea of a guy waiting four years for you is kinda romantic. Especially if he won’t be four years older than you after the wait…

      • Angie

        I think I know! A girl who plans on graduating from the CIA for baking (which, as you’ll notice, isn’t like cooking… ;)) It’d be so cute!

      • tlongford

        Okay, I’ll put baking in my notes just in case it works out. Do you mean CIA as in Central Intelligence Agency?

      • Angie

        no, like Culinary Institute of America! 🙂 and she could… make chocolate sculptures or people in complicated dance moves or something! omg, that’d be so cute

      • tlongford

        Okay, I got it in my notes but I’m planning on them being high school age so I don’t know if it will work.

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