Very Short Teaser from Victor’s Story

Okay, so as soon as I posted my Update on the Greystone Series, one of my lovely readers asked for a short teaser. Soooo…here it is. Don’t get your hopes up because it’s VERY short and will probably change quite a bit before I publish:

“I’m sorry, Victor, but I’m just not interested.”

“Not interested?” I echoed, more than a little surprised. I’d never met a girl who wasn’t interested in me. It didn’t seem possible. And I didn’t want it to be possible. Not now that I’d found someone I was interested in. “Why not?” I challenged her with a casual smile.

She opened the car door and shrugged as she slipped into the driver’s seat. “I’m sure you’re a nice person, Victor. But you’re just not the right guy for me.”

“How do you know I’m not the right guy?” I asked mildly, closing her inside while Chaos and Torrie slid into the back seat.

“Believe me,” she answered through the open window, her voice low. “I know. I’ve gone out with guys like you before.”

That was hard to believe. I was a gargoyle, recently arrived from thirteenth century England. I leaned down until my nose was inches from her face and said, “Believe me, Sam. You’ve never met anyone like me.”

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