Snippet for Valentine’s Day

So I worked 60 hours this week and missed Valentine’s Day but I’m back to work on Victor’s story today. Here’s a short, unpolished romantic snippet to celebrate V*Day:

But before she could turn away again, I stopped her with a hand locked on her wrist. Her pulse skyrocketed but I couldn’t tell if my touch excited her, or if she was furious that I’d put my hands on her.

“So you feel absolutely nothing when you see me,” I challenged her.

“N-No,” she stammered.

“And nothing when I touch you?”

She pulled away from me but I kept the lock on my hold. “Try to understand, Victor. I’m doing what I know is good for me.”

I allowed a light smile to touch my lips. “That doesn’t answer my question, Sam.”

“Quit pushing it, Victor. I’m not in love with you and I’m not going to fall for your golden looks or your devastatingly handsome dimples. Whatever obsession is driving you, get over it!”

Whatever obsession was driving me just got more intense at her hot words. I crowded her against the brick wall of the storefront behind her while the pedestrians on the sidewalk hurried past, the occasional passerby throwing a curious glance in our direction. “So you feel nothing at all?”

Her lips parted but no sound came out.

“What about now?” I murmured, and angled my face as I crushed my lips against hers. A second later I was lost in the delicate warmth of her mouth, her lush lips parting beneath mine like a sweet invitation to explore the silken paradise within. I accepted the invitation and went a little farther, only pulling away when I realized my barbs had surfaced. A hot line of venom was sliding down the back of my hand and curling around my wrist.


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