Ridiculously Tiny Teaser from Victor’s Story

Mac wore deep emerald silk while Whitney wore black velvet and Mim was dressed in a frothy white confection that floated down to her toes. Elaina’s blue taffeta gown accented her eyes while Torrie’s gold dress with tight black bustier accented her figure.

“Here, you’ll need this,” Chaos insisted, wrapping his jacket around Torrie as soon as he saw her in her dress.

“But it’s not cold out,” she argued.

“That not why you need it,” he growled, lifting an eyebrow as his gaze got caught on her bust line. “I don’t want the waiters getting distracted and spilling soup down the back of my neck.”

“It’s not that provocative,” she scoffed and turned to Havoc for support.

Havoc tapped a finger against his chin as he considered her dress. Then he turned to Chaos and asked, “Do you have a turtleneck you could wear?”

“A turtleneck?” he almost shouted. “No way! I’ve only just figured out this tie!”

“I know, but I think a turtleneck would be safest,” Havoc answered with a dramatic sigh.

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