About the Greystone Series

Recently, I received an email from a reader who wanted to know when the next book would be coming out and who it would be about/whose perspective. She also wanted to know if any of the characters are based on people I know and if I have any drawings of the Greystone guys.

So….I’m not sure when the next book will be ready but I think it will be Force’s story and it will be told from the perspective of a young girl named Camie who plays baseball on an inner city league.

Some of the characters are based on people I know. Havoc’s personality is based on someone I know. You can see a drawing of Valor on my original cover which I just posted at facebook. Of course, you’ve probably seen the rough sketch of Dare at my website. Alyssa Coons of Pixel creations has created several drawings of the girls which are exactly the way I imagine them. You can visit her facebook page here:


Other than that, Nicholas Hoult in the movie Warm Bodies reminds me of Chaos. Defiance has very white-blond nordic looks, kinda like Jamie Bower. The singer in the Kongos reminds me of Force (the one with the long hair). Perhaps one day I can hire an artist to do some more sketches for me.



20 responses to “About the Greystone Series

  • Mariah Edwards

    Lucky! They just had tryouts for the students who wanted to speak at graduation so they had two random students speak which was really weird. I do hope to find a good job. Welcome to real life I guess…..

    • tlongford

      Well, random student speeches are fine as long as they’re clever and funny. Otherwise, forget it, hahaha! As for real life, I think it is greatly over-rated. : )

  • Mariah Edwards

    No funny speeches and the Valedictorian didn’t even speak. Some teacher just introduced her which was lame. Also no job lined up but everyone is giving me places I should check out.

  • Mariah Edwards

    Thanks!! It was a pretty boring with all the speeches but it’s all over! Yay!

  • Mariah Edwards

    Thanks! Guess what?! It’s GRADUATION DAY!!!!!! Woooohooo!

  • Mariah Edwards

    Yeah hopefully because it would be really nice to know what I like. Which you would think I would know but I don’t right now. 🙂

    • tlongford

      I know what you mean. And you might not be able to match a profession to your interests right now…but you probably DO have interests that reveal what you would be good at.

  • Mariah Edwards

    Yep i’m a senior!!! I’m going to work for a year then I’m going on an LDS mission then after I’ll go to college and get my generals done because I don’t know what I want to go into.

  • Mariah Edwards

    i’m doing great! School is almost over and I’ll be graduating on Monday! Right now is Senior week and last night we went to a drive in and watched The Amazing Spider Man 2 and Heaven is for Real! I got home at like 2 in the morning so I might be a little late going to school! But I’m really excited to graduate!!!!

  • Mariah Edwards

    You should make Camie short stop. It sounds interesting and I looked that up and it seems that they can get a lot of action which might be good for the book or not, I don’t know. That’s my opinion.

    • tlongford

      Yeah, short stop is a pretty important position. ‘Course I’m not sure the whole softball thing will play a very important part in the story. How are you doing, anyhow?

  • Mariah Edwards

    That’s awesome!! I was just thinking of Force!! It will be an interesting story to read because he sort of started out differently than the others!! Is Camie’s name short for anything?

    • tlongford

      Yeah, Force and Courage’s stories will feel different because they won’t start out with the support of the pack. The guys will be on their own. And Camie IS short for something else but I haven’t decided what, exactly. : ) Thanks for askin’ !

  • Call me Mrs. Rowe (@Queen_Angie_89)

    … is that based on the suggestion that some heroine should play softball? If it is:
    DAY. MADE.

    • tlongford

      Yeah! And I think it might have been you who suggested it, hahaha! And it will be softball, not baseball. I always get those mixed up…might need some help when I start writing. ; ) Uh. What position should I have her play? I was thinking pitcher or catcher or maybe short stop?

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