Act Now to Save Valor!

Act Now to Save Valor!

: D

Ever since Valor was published (over two years ago), his ranking at Goodreads has never slipped below 4.01. But recently, he dipped to 3.99 and it just breaks my heart. I mean, I know this isn’t The Hunger Games and I’m not Suzanne Collins but…c’mon. Why would anyone leave a 1-star ranking for Valor? That’s just silly. Anyhow, some of those inevitable 1-star rankings have dragged down Valor’s average. And I feel like the dark-haired, blue-eyed gargoyle deserves better than that.

As you probably know, the Greystone Series only has about a hundred fans so we’re a pretty select group. But if you’re an (admittedly select) member of the Greystone Clan, I’m asking you to act now to save Valor! : D  I know that most of you have already left reviews or rankings, so I’m not sure we can do anything to raise Valor’s average. But IF you have a Goodreads account and IF you haven’t already left Valor a ranking or review, pleeease help us lift his ranking back to a 4.0.

Here’s a link if you need it:


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