Update on the Greystone Series

First, I want to thank everyone who left reviews for Valor at Goodreads. It cheered me up and got me started writing on the next book in the series.

So, I finally have a tiny inkling of an idea for Force’s story. The heroine, Camie, is a city girl who has to fend for herself so she shops at thrift stores and yard sales to find things she can sell on the internet. She also scours junk yards and dumpsters…which is where she runs into Force. Here’s a very rough unedited snippet. Obviously, it needs a lot of work but I wanted to get something out there for you guys to see:

A large hand exploded from beneath the thick jumble of paper and wrapped around my wrist. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a deep voice said in a rasping lilt.

Naturally, I screamed, then scrambled backwards into a corner of the dumpster, staring at the long fingers attached to my wrist.

“Wh-what? Wh-Why?” I shrieked, both confused and disoriented. What was a hand doing glommed onto my wrist? What was a hand doing in a dumpster? Where was the rest of the person the hand belonged to?

The papers slid aside like the red sea parting and a head surfaced followed by a broad set of shoulders. Then I was staring into a pair of silvery gray eyes rimmed with charcoal. The thick dark eyelashes were just overkill.

“Because that’s my knife,” the stranger claimed in a strange accent.

Panicked, I tried to yank my arm out of his grip but it didn’t work and that just made me more scared. But before I could work myself up to screaming for help, he let go. For the next several seconds I just stared as I tried to catch my breath and calm my startled heart which was doing laps in my chest.

His dark gold hair fell over one side of his face all the way to his chin, framing a very square, very full mouth that struck me as both savage and brutal…not to mention sexy as hell. Morris Samuels might have a Cam Newton smile but this guy had a mouth that screamed kiss-me-now. Not that I was interested or anything. Because at that point in my life I knew enough about guys to understand that you couldn’t count on them for nothin’.

“Wh-what are you doing here?” I gasped, when I’d caught my breath.

“I was just…having a quick nap,” he growled, sounding a little defensive.

“In a dumpster?” I questioned, even though I knew plenty of homeless people took refuge in the big tin cans on wheels.

“Is that what this is?” he asked, glancing around.

“Yeah,” I answered while privately thinking “definitely not from around here”.

I checked out the leather vest he was wearing. I’d never seen anything quite like it and wondered if he was newly hatched from some Eastern European country since I couldn’t read his accent. Other than the vest, the only thing he wore were a loose pair of long brown shorts kept up with a thick leather belt that carried his knife and a drawstring pouch. To be honest, he looked like he’d arrived from another era, but I decided to go with Eastern Europe.

And he looked hungry.

With a sigh, I dug in my pocket and pulled out a couple of tens. “You look like you could use something to eat,” I said and tossed the money at him.

He narrowed his eyes on the bills. “What’s this?”

“Money,” I answered. “American money. Buy yourself some food.”

His brows pulled into a fierce frown and his gaze swung back to my face. “I don’t need your help,” he muttered.

“I’m sorry,” I answered, getting impatient. “But you look like you need somebody’s help.”

“I’m not a beggar,” he said in a dangerous slide of words that made my hairs stiffen on the back of my neck. “And I don’t need your help.”

24 responses to “Update on the Greystone Series

  • jai

    OMG!!!!! I Cannot, really I can’t, wait for the next books in the series. I feel like a TOTAL stalker conning to the page every few days to see if there’s something new. PLEASE tell me you at least have an idea for Havocs story??? I am so excited eeeeeppppsss!!!!!

    • tlongford

      Hi Jai! Yes, I have several ideas for Havoc’s story but I’ll be writing Force’s story next. And I have a lot of ideas for Force’s story but am working extra long hours at my day job (I had to work 4th of July) so it will definitely be a while before it’s finished. At this point, you’re probably safe to check once a month for news!

  • Emily

    I can’t wait for this book! I absolutely love this series and have even managed to get one of friends as obsessed with it as I am. This series is pretty much all we talk about! I love how each character is so different and how each book has a new plot but is still linked to the rest of the series. 😀

    • tlongford

      Thanks, Emily! I think you and your friends are gonna like Force. He’s going to be even differenter than the rest of the pack. He’s gonna to be really cocky and swaggery.

  • Ashis713

    OMG! I absolutely love your series. I have read them three times. That’s how much I love your books. I am so excited for forces story but I was really looking forward to havocs. I’m very curious of some of the ideas you have for him. Do you have any other supernatural series I don’t know about? Good luck on finishing forces story!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    • tlongford

      THANK YOU! Yeah, Havoc’s story will be last, to give the impression of time passing while he waits for Sophie to grow up. Havoc’s story will make for a great “grand finale”. We’ll get to revisit the pack four years on. No doubt some of the guys will be married. Maybe some of them will even have kids. And everyone will be involved in eliminating the final threat to gargoyle peacedom, hahaha. No, I don’t have any other series or books. I think one series with nine books is plenty! Thanks again!

      • Lori Souder

        Please let us know when you are ready for a new series or stand alone. I would definitely be interested. I love this series. I think authors like you are what keep me addicted to reading! Thank you so much for creating this series!

      • tlongford

        Thanks Lori! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Greystone Series. It will probably take me a year and a half to finish this series. I’ll let you know if I decide to do anything else!

  • Maribel

    I really like this setup. Wonder how force got into the dumpster in the first place. Is camie an orphan? I mean since she has to fend for herself and everything. I also kind of like force already, even though he’s cold to camie I know when they get to know each other better he’s going to be fiercely protective of her. For some reason after I read this small snippet I imagined a scene of my own where camie is running from a. Group of drunkards and as they are about to catch her force jumps down from one of tht tops of a nearby buliding and beats some of them. Then when they notice how stong he is one of them goes “what are you”. Then force smirks dangerously and snaps out his wings saying ” I’m your worst nightmare” and they run away in terror. Well that’s what I imagined. Anyway can’t wait to see what you have in store for force and camie. 🙂

    • tlongford

      I love your imagined scene! I haven’t worked out how he got in the dumpster yet so I still have a long way to go. But I think Camie’s attitude about guys in general (she feels like you can’t count on them) lays the foundation for some interesting misunderstandings.

  • nonny

    Fantastic! I really love how your characters’ voices always shine through your writing. It makes things so much more personal.

  • Mariah Edwards

    No not yet. I just got back from St.George with my friends doing our Senior trip. It was really fun yet really hot!! But yes back to the job search.

  • Mariah Edwards

    That was awesome!! I really liked it and can’t wait to read the book! It was pretty funny too.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, cant wait for the book!! I cant wait to see what else your going to write!

  • Eva van Elsas

    I love your series and I’m really excited about this book! This little bit already makes me wonder about the rest. Do you have any idea when it will come out?

    • tlongford

      Thanks Eva! No, I don’t know when it will come out. I’m actually getting a late start on it. But I might make Force and Courage’s stories quite a bit shorter than the rest of the series so maybe it won’t take forever.

  • Lacy Adcock

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to read more!

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  • tressafurgason

    I’m so excited! Seriously, each book you write is so stupendous awesome, and I just can’t wait for this next one!

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