Update on the Greystone Series

Just wanted you guys to know that I’ve reached 10,000 words on Force’s story. Yeah, things are still going slow. We’ve had a few visitors this summer (including one from the Land of the Engls). I don’t really have any good snippets to share but here are some character reveals for Camie and Force that show their motivations (and set up the conflict):


Here’s my short term plan. Get through high school without a boyfriend to distract me and save enough money to go to college.

Here’s my long term plan. Get through college so I can get a job and support myself. Then maybe look around for a knight in shining armor. If there is such a thing. And if they aren’t all taken by the time I’m ready to look.


As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a warrior. Even as a youngster, my dream was to grow up and fight harpies, fight the enemy, fight bad guys. Just…fight. I’m good at fighting. But I wanted to fight for a noble cause and serve with honor and rescue others who couldn’t defend themselves.

I spent all of my spare time training for battle, shunning any activities other than work, ignoring distractions, even ignoring girls, which wasn’t particularly easy for someone my age, especially when there were plenty of lasses that threw themselves at me and my cousins. But I was driven and girls took up too much time. And I wasn’t going to fall victim to the entangling snares cast by a pretty face or a sweet personality.


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