Addition to the Series Playlist

I’ve added a song to the Greystone playlist. I love Come With Me Now by the Kongos but it wasn’t helping me write Force’s story. So I’m adding Dangerous by Big Data.

VALOR: Stop and Stare by One Republic

DARE: When You Come Back Down by Nickel Creek

REASON: Waiting for the End by Linkin Park

DEFIANCE: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

CHAOS: Walk by Foo Fighters

VICTOR: Demons by Imagine Dragons

FORCE: Dangerous by Big Data
Come With Me Now by Kongos

COURAGE: Meant to Live by Switchfoot

HAVOC: Come a Little Closer by Cage the Elephant

5 responses to “Addition to the Series Playlist

  • Lauren Perry

    I was surprised by some of the songs. It shows a lot about how you picture of each of the guys and their personalities. I thought Victor’s song was cool because he has to always appear perfect and composed as a leader, but he has a perceptive side as well as his own demons. Defiance’s song was to quote Havoc “jolly awesome”. It fits his persona perfectly. You can tell the tough guys by the song associated with them. Force is as the song says, dangerous, but I think he has a soft side. I personally can’t wait for Courage and Havoc’s stories. I just hope Courage doesn’t end up an unfortunate casualty. I can’t wait for the next book! Good luck and happy writing, Mrs. Langford!

    • tlongford

      Hi Lauren! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, Defiance’s song is my favorite but Victor’s is a close second. I love when I’m driving to work and they come on the radio. Courage was badly damaged in the fire but he’ll get better with the help of some venom from an unexpected source.

  • Mariah Edwards

    That is awesome!! Glad you got the holiday off too!! Can’t wait to read Force’s story!

  • Mariah Edwards

    Awesome songs!!! I didn’t know some and had to look them up but it’s a cool list. How are things going by the way? Work for me is good but they cut my hours this week and next week so I need to talk to the schedule person. How was Thanksgiving? Mine was good. I got that off which was a surprise but I ain’t complaining.😃

    • tlongford

      Hi Mariah! Glad to hear you’re working hard and (hopefully) saving lotsa money! I got thanksgiving off and added about 3,500 words to Force’s story during the break. I’m getting close to 40,000 words!

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