Update on the Greystone Series

So, I have 40,000 words on Force’s story but I was really hoping for a week off in December to finish the story up. That didn’t happen. In fact, I worked 15 hours on Thursday. : (

But I’m still working on the story and will get it finished as soon as I can. In the meantime, here’s a snippet:


“What about Camie?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, my eyes tripping all over themselves trying to be first to meet his gaze.

“It’s an unusual name,” he murmured. “Is it short for something else?”

I was surprised by his question. I was surprised he was interested. Because, let’s face it, most guys don’t pay that much attention. Take Morris, for example. He’d had five or six years to ask me that question. But even though he was supposedly SO hot for me, he never had. “Why do you ask?” I asked, getting all mushy and swoony inside despite my better judgment.

“If you’re going to walk off with all my worldly possessions, I need to know about you.”

Oh. Yeah. That brought me back to reality in no time flat. “How about I give you my address?” I countered, shaking my head at my naivety.

“How about you answer my question?” he demanded like he was used to getting what he wanted. Like he was living the whole alpha dream and thought that’s what girls really want in a guy. Well, if he thought that stuff was gonna work on me, he was in for a surprise. Because I was holding out for a knight in shining armor. And this guy might be hot (okay, really hot) but he was SO not a knight.

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