Update on the Greystone Series

I took today off to write and now have 50,000 words on Force’s story! The book is almost roughed out; I just need to spend a little more time on the Epilogue. Then I need to polish the entire thing. But I’m getting closer to being finished. Sorry it’s taking so long!

Here’s a snippet:

“So are you going back tomorrow?” I asked cautiously, probably holding my breath again and hoping his answer didn’t disappoint me.

“Absolutely,” he said.

“Absolutely?” I echoed, pleased but curious. Elated actually. He wanted to keep his job! “Why…absolutely?”

“Because they fed me,” he said.

I couldn’t help but smile. Guys are so simple sometimes. “What did they feed you?”

“I don’t know,” he answered. “But it was good and there was lots of it. My stomach is full for the first time in ages.”

“So Mama has made a friend in you?” I suggested with a sideways glance.

His mouth twitched in one of his almost-smiles as he caught my eye. “I’d defend her to the death,” he said.

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