Update on the Greystone Series

Okay. So I have 54,000 words and Force’s story is essentially finished. Just need to check for typos and get a cover. This was supposed to be a short book but, in fact, it’s a little longer than Chaos’s story. So I’m happy about that. Hope the book will be out in the next two weeks. I’ll let you know when I have a cover. In the meantime, here’s a snippet:

His gaze locked on my eyes. “Read to me,” he said quietly.


“Read to me. I like the sound of your voice.”

At first, I snorted. But he just kept watching me with those dark-rimmed eyes so eventually I threw myself on the bed, pulled the pillow under my head and started reading. I don’t know why. Maybe because he was so cute and arrogant. Or maybe I was just flattered that he liked the sound of my voice. So I started reading the book out loud to him. And you’d have thought he’d be grateful, right? Wrong. Because he scoffed every time I got to the romantic parts.

Annoyed, I slapped the book down on my patchwork quilt (another great find at the thrift store). “I take it you don’t believe in love.”

He snorted. “That’s not a love story.”



“Well, what is it then?”

“It’s just a silly romance written for young lasses who wouldn’t know love if it bit them in theβ€””

That was insulting. I jumped from the bed and stalked across the room before he could finish. When I reached him, I slammed the paperback on his head a few times. He never flinched. He never tried to stop me. He just blinked a little each time the book crashed against his head. The rest of the time, he had his gaze locked on my eyes, watching me with a strange intensity.

Eventually, I got self conscious under his fierce gaze and backed off.

“You done?” he asked.

“For now,” I answered.

“Good,” he said, rolling up to his feet and launching himself across the room. Uh-huh, you heard me right. Moving faster than was even possible, he tackled me onto the bed.

Naturally, I fought back, kicking and clawing, but the fight was a short one. He grabbed my wrists and rolled on top of me, pinning me to the mattress, his eyes flashing with laughter. But there was a lot of heat underlying his amusement.

“You want to fight?” he growled, his lips moving about two inches from my mouth.

I struggled for a few more seconds. “Not so much anymore,” I panted.

“Minx,” he whispered. And for the next few seconds, the look he gave me belonged in an X-rated novel. And I thought for a second he might actually kiss me. And I knew that if he did…I’d kiss him back.

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