I admit it’s been slow going but I’m now close to 40,000 words on Courage’s story. I wanted to let you guys know I’m still plugging away and I will eventually finish the series. Here’s a very tiny snippet. I’ll try to post a few more in the next month or two.

“So, tell me about yourself,” I said as my frying pan hit the stove top with a clang. “Where are you from?”

There was a very noticeable silence before he finally spoke. “I take it you aren’t very happy to have me here.”

Surprised by his sharp words, I spun around to face him but didn’t get a chance to say anything before he cut in.

“Back before my accident, girls were always nice to me,” he continued. “Even the ones who weren’t particularly nice people. I always suspected it had more to do with my looks than my personality or anything else I had going for me. And I always wondered if they’d like me so much if I wasn’t so…”

“Nice looking?” I filled in for him.

“Aye,” he answered in a low growl, turning and heading for the front door. “So, now I guess I know the answer to that question.”

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