Snippet from Book Eight of the Greystone Series

As I watched, his lips drifted slowly towards mine.

“Why are you so determined to kiss me?” I asked, putting a halt to the slow drift.

His gaze locked on mine. “Well, I’ve never done it before so I’m not sure I can explain. But I think you’ll understand once we get started.”

“You’ve never kissed a girl?” I asked, surprised. Earlier, he’d said that girls were always nice to him before his accident so I assumed that he’d taken advantage of that situation somewhere along the way.

He rolled his shoulders in a brief shrug. “Should I have? I’m not more than fifteen or sixteen.”

“Oh,” I muttered, stalling. “Well, I just thought this might work out better if one of us knew what we were doing.”

“I think I can figure it out,” he said with typical male confidence.

“Oh. Okay,” I answered, chewing furiously on my lower lip. “Should I close my eyes?”

“If you like,” he replied. “It might be easier if you can’t see my face.”

“Half of your face is great,” I pointed out, which was a silly thing to say because the scarred side of his face was covered.

“Then perhaps you only need to close one eye,” he murmured as his mouth drifted closer.

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