Snippet from Courage’s Story

I pushed through the hefty line of brainless beef and Courage followed. “Sorry about that,” I muttered as we made our way to the cash register at the front of the diner.

“It’s okay,” he answered like he wasn’t bothered in the least.

“And those guys are wrong,” I said as we stood waiting at the register for someone to ring up our bill. “You’re not a coward. You did the smart thing walking away from that bullcrap they were dishing.”

“No, I’m not a coward,” he agreed quietly. “But I won’t get into a fight if there’s another way out.”

“That’s just smart,” I muttered and searched impatiently for someone to help us, finally catching the eye our waitress.

“But if anyone ever threatened you…” he murmured.

I held my breath and waited for him to go on.

“I’m gonna come out fighting,” Courage finished with a hard look on his face. “And I won’t stop until that threat is removed. Completely. Forever. I wouldn’t give someone a second chance to hurt you.”

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