Thank you!

Thanks to all who are still leaving reviews after eight books! You guys make my day and keep me writing.

One more book to go! I have some great ideas for Havoc’s story. As I’m sure all of you have guessed, Rafe Olander will play a major role in the last book. And don’t forget he has that bottle of gargoyle venom that was pumped out of Force. I’m sure he could use that to cause trouble for the Greystone Pack.

4 responses to “Thank you!

  • Cindy Edwards

    Hi Taylor! This is Mariah Edwards mom, she has been in touch with you for a while now, but she is serving a mission in Toronto, Canada until next March. She cant access Facebook, but she wants to keep in touch. Could you please email her at She gets to email on Mondays and I know she would be SO happy to hear from you again!
    Thank you so much!

    • tlongford

      Hi Cindy! I was just wondering about Mariah, yesterday. I miss hearing from her but figured that she had limited internet access during her mission. I’ll definitely drop her a line! Thanks for writing! : )

  • June

    I,m in love with the these gargoyles. The books may be written with mainly young people in mind, but i am a grandma and love them. I can’t wait to read Havoc and Sophie’s story.

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