Snippet from Havoc’s Story

I’m gonna try to post early (unedited) snippets from Havoc’s story. Please keep in mind that the book isn’t anywhere near finished. : )

When I returned to my living form, everyone in the pack was four years older. Victor was twenty-four. That’s like ancient, right? Positively archaic. Might as well stake out your grave site. And all the guys treated me like a kid. Defiance in particular was nigh intolerable. Actually, Defiance has always been intolerable now that I think about it.

But it was not cool that nobody took me seriously. I feel like that’s been common theme that has dogged me throughout my entire lifetime. It’s like they’re all, “Don’t listen to Havoc. He couldn’t possibly have anything useful to say.”

Yeah, thanks a lot guys.

And in a lot of ways, the girls were even worse. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be a testosterone-fueled sixteen-year-old living with a bunch of hot chicks who treat you like you’re some kind of puppy? They couldn’t look past my age and see the cool and irresistible stud that was otherwise known as Havoc Greystone. What’s more, none of them wanted to play Parcheesi anymore! Which meant I wasn’t getting any kisses.

But kisses or no kisses, I was still the master…in the kitchen. And when it came to my cooking, all of the pack lasses were still gasping for it.

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