Next Snippet from Havoc’s story

Havoc goes to Sophie’s prom:

The crowd parted and I got my first good look at her.

She was wearing a dress that belonged in a Disney Princess movie, a confection of pure white with a tulle overlay sprinkled with tiny points of light that sparkled as she moved. Her toes peeked out demurely from the bottom of the hem. The dress was modest in front. But out in back, it was something entirely different. It fell so low I could see the dimples on either side of the perfect sweep of her spine.

She was hot and she was an angel.

And I was frickin’ smitten. With a capital “S”.

Besotted with a capital “B”.

Long, dark brown hair. Big blue eyes.

Yeah, it was Sophie. You probably saw that coming. And she was dancing with another guy. Probably that boyfriend MacKenzie had tried to warn me about.

The delicate spray of roses on her wrist matched the pink tie he was wearing. So it was a good bet he was her date. But that wasn’t the only bad news. Because the guy was good looking, too. (Well, good looking for a human.) And from what I could tell, he was a nice guy.

Just my luck.

I’d found the most perfect girl in the world and it looked like she was into someone else.

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