Update on the Greystone Series

Good News! I now have 40,000 words for Havoc’s story which is entirely roughed out…except for the epilogue. Here’s a snippet:

“What are you doing?” she cried, her hands on my chest, shoving me away. “Who are you?”

She didn’t recognize me! But I figured it was the sunglasses. And maybe the man-bun because I’d never worn my hair that way before. So I took off the shades and dangled them from my fingers. I grinned down at her. “Sophie, darling. Don’t you remember me?”

I saw recognition in her eyes as her blue gaze met mine. First there was shock. Then there was something else. Something…more than sadness. Something tragic and resigned. Something that almost broke my heart, that I wanted to reach out and fix. And I could have sworn there were tears in her eyes. “Yeah, I remember you,” she said quietly. “You’re the guy who promised he’d wait for me…then disappeared for the next four years.”

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