Greystone Series


Think you know about gargoyles? The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago. When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close-knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes. Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

Seventeen-year-old Force has never been interested in girls. All of his dreams have revolved around serving with honor in battle. But the gargoyle left all the great world-shaping battles behind him in another era. Now he’s just a medieval guy trying to get by in a modern world.

At this point in Camie’s life she’s convinced that you can’t count on guys for nothing. Her short-term plan is to get through high school without a boyfriend to distract her. Her long-term plan is to complete college. After that, maybe she’ll look around for a knight in shining armor…if there is such a thing…and if they aren’t all taken by the time she starts looking.

Only fate and unusual circumstance can move these two independent young people together. But when you’re talking about gargoyles, the circumstances are always unusual.



Think you know about gargoyles? The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago. When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close-knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes. Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

After escaping his unwanted past as notorious young womanizer in thirteenth century England, Victor has set his sights on modern-day Samantha Evans. But Sam’s been burned before by guys with extreme good looks. And she’s determined to steer clear of the mouthwatering gargoyle. But Victor is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is Samantha. Only Sam’s willpower—and a meddlesome bit of magic—stand in his way.







Think you know about gargoyles? Think again. The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago. Now they’re back.

Trapped in a harpy’s lair, Chaos must choose between his freedom and the life of an innocent young girl. To save the girl, he must agree to a lifetime of captivity at the end of a monster’s leash, a bleak existence that would crush his wild spirit and impetuous nature.

Starved and abused by the same harpy, Torrie doesn’t trust anyone, especially anyone with wings. She doesn’t realize that the young gargoyle imprisoned with her is her only hope for survival. And when she finally discovers her mistake, it appears to be too late for amends.








Think you know about gargoyles? The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago. When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close-knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes. Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

Defiance can’t resist Whitney Anders. But the young gargoyle has trust issues where human girls are concerned. And Whitney’s a babe among her human peers in Pine Grove, so he’s going to have to work for her if he wants her. And overcome his trust issues once and for all.








Think you know about gargoyles? The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago. When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close-knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes. Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

When a fabulous winged sculpture mysteriously saves Elaina’s life, she travels across the country in her search to learn more about him. But the good-looking gargoyle she finds in Colorado isn’t exactly happy to see her. Too bad he’s going to be her new college roommate. Now sparks fly every time Elaina and Reason look at each other.








Gargoyles were a beautiful winged race that disappeared eight hundred years ago. When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close-knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes. Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

The victim of a harpy attack at seventeen, Dare lost his wings along with his poisonous barbs. When he meets Mim, he doesn’t consider himself much of a catch. But Mim is the only power that can make the broken gargoyle whole again. And when she’s abducted by a harpy, he’s willing to sacrifice himself for her freedom.

Which might have worked, if Mim hadn’t been willing to do the same thing.







When gargoyles last walked the earth eight hundred years ago, the proud race traveled in close-knit packs. They were beautiful winged creatures whose throats were marked with ancient runes. Throughout time, their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

Like all gargoyles, and the rest of his pack, Valor is driven by instinct to protect the people he cares about. So when he encounters a human girl for the first time in almost a thousand years, his first impulse is to keep her from harm. But Valor soon discovers that the greatest risk to MacKenzie’s safety is himself. Just one scratch from the poisonous barbs on his knuckles…and she’ll be lost to him forever.

79 responses to “Greystone Series

  • Jae

    This is one of my favorite series and I pray for the day that they are available in paper copies! Thank you so, so much fort his wild ride that is the Greystone Series!!!!

    I know throughout the series you’ve discussed their ages, but could you please tell me their age order? The more you know about the characters, the better the story experience! Thanks!

    • tlongford

      Hi Jae! Thanks for writing! Glad to know you liked the series. Gargoyles don’t celebrate their birthdays so we can only approximate their ages at the beginning of the series. Havoc 16, Courage 16, Valor 17, Force 17, Chaos 17, Dare 17 (although he would have been older if he hadn’t spent so much time in his stone form), Defiance 18, Reason 19, Victor 20. Hope this helps!

  • Jennie

    Thank you. I have enjoyed reading the Greystone series. I think this will be the third or fourth time now. Can’t wait for the next books to come out.

  • Jellica McLellan Martinez

    My 13 year old and I love your books!!! We can’t wait for the for the next one!

  • Emma

    Hi, I just thought I would post a little message to tell you how much I love your book series! I would even say it over takes my childhood loves of Narnia and Harry Potter!! The stories you have created are truly amazing, you have an incredible talent, I also find myself so drawn to the characters, to the extent that I can’t put the book down (I just finished Force in about an hour). This means that I absolutely cannot wait until your next instalment, which I see is going to be Courage, and I am honestly so excited to find out what happened to him.
    You are a fantastic writer, and I look forward to your future books. Thank you for creating such an incredible series

    • tlongford

      Hi Emma! Thanks for writing! Your comments are so glowing I’m sure they’ll keep me going to the next month! And that should let me get down quite a few words for Courage’s story. So, thanks again! (Can’t believe you blasted through Force in one hour. You are some kinda fast reader!)

  • Chichi

    Just saying that I am unabashedly obsessed with your books. I can’t lie and say I don’t wait year round for the next one to come out. I’ve read each and every one this far and I can’t wait to see whose next. Is it Havoc or Courage? I’m excited and anxious to see how you play with Havoc and Sophie’s relationship. Or what to do with Courage. I can’t wait!

    • tlongford

      Hi Chichi! Great to hear from you. Glad to know you’re enjoying the series. Courage is next. Then I’ll finish off the series with Havoc’s story. Thanks for asking!

  • jai

    OMG!!!!! I love these books. After I found out that there were five books I bought them as quickly as I could. Please tell me that there are more books on the way… I really want to hear the rest of the boys stories.

    • tlongford

      Hi Jai: Thanks for dropping by! Glad to know that you’re enjoying the Greystone Series. I’m certainly gonna to try to finish the series. I’m currently working on Victor’s story and hope to publish in late April.

  • Tiff

    Taylor, I love these books! Such a great escape from the vampire & werewolf books that are so popular these days! I can’t wait to see what Victor’s story will have in store for us, He sounds like this really good looking guy who knows it but is a little oblivious at the same time. I’m totally hooked so please don’t give up on this series!

    • tlongford

      Hi Tiff, thanks for dropping by! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Greystone Series. I’m definitely gonna try to finish the series. You’re right about Victor; he knows he’s good looking but he doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. : )

  • Ashley

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your books. They are so fun and filled with great characters. They each have their own unique personality and voice. That can be hard to do with that many Characters. Havoc’s one of my favorites. Please tell me he will get a book and a little lovin’ too. 🙂

    • tlongford

      Hi Ashley! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Greystone Series. Havoc will definitely get a book but it’s scheduled to be the last one. Thanks for your review at Amazon. You’re such a sweetheart!

  • Taylor

    Hi Taylor! I normally don’t post on blogs but I just wanted you to know how much I love the Greystone series! I’ve read every one of your books within a day of downloading them on my kindle and I’m always so excited to start the next book! Pleaseeeeee keep writing this series. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    • tlongford

      Hi Taylor! So glad you posted this message! Glad to know that you’re enjoying the Greystone series. I’ll definitely try to continue the series. Right now I’m working on Victor’s story which seems to be …coming along. : )

  • TeresaK

    Got The First One Free and Bought The Rest. Awesome Series. Will There Be More?! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi will you ever publish your books in paperback? Would love to read them!!

  • Lauri

    I just wanted to say that I bought the bundle, intrigued about Gargoyles instead of yet another werewolf story. I have been actively looking for books like this, or about different shifters because I’m so wrung out on the whole werewolf theme. I didn’t realize these books were geared more towards “YA”. I also love romance novels but not necessarily gratuitous sex books. I read to enjoy an actual story and like a good dialogue, intrigue, or a good dose of humor. I love new exciting worlds or concepts. I usually end up ‘skimming’ through the sex scenes until the actual story picks back up. I have to say that even though the characters are young, they aren’t half formed or immature. I thoroughly enjoyed the first three stories and will read Defiance tomorrow. I’m already wondering if you have a time table on Chaos or one of the other guys. I like the fact that each Gargoyle and each heroine have vastly different personalities from each other and the books aren’t cookie cutters of each other. I love the fact that you see the entire group in each book and while each story is its own, the series has a continuing storyline that you can’t wait to follow. All in all, I applaud your creativity and I truly hope people see these books for what they are and buy more so you can write full time! I will keep an eye out for your name and will buy future books of this series and any new worlds and adventures you care to create!
    PS: I’m not young and loved them…to any other more mature readers, try them you will definitely enjoy them!

    • tlongford

      Hey Lauri: Thanks for the great comment! I’m hoping to finish Chaos by the end of September but can’t make any guarantees! But I’m so glad you liked the whole gargoyle concept and wish there were more readers like you. Indeed, us gargoyle lovers are in the minority and I only sell one or two books a day. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I usually receive one or two emails a day from readers like you! : D

  • Maribel

    Hi again! 🙂 I have a question that popped up when I was reading defiance,I understand if gargoyle has given their rune to a girl or harpy its serious and they stay and protect her forever, but what happens if the girl dies? And if that does happen can they give their rune to another girl?

    • tlongford

      Thanks for the question, Maribel! A gargoyle is only “bound” to the first female he marks with his rune. If the female dies, he will never again be bound to a female by instinct.

  • Michelle423

    I got your first book for free and have loved it!! I bought and read all of the books in one weekend!! I am so excited to read the rest! Please tell me you are going to finish the series!!
    I want to tell you, never second guess what you are witting about, I love the Greystone series so far, it is Different and wild and exciting and can’t wait for the rest!!
    I am an avid reader of all types of books and have been getting bored with the same old romances and different take on Vampires, just getting old I guess, but hen you bring the Gargoyles to life they bring a whole new passion for life for the reader! I Love these Books! Can’t wait for the next Book!

  • Maribel

    Hi first off I really love your books, I couldn’t even put my iPad down until I finished all four books. I love that this is a different kind of paranormal romance, and I would really love to read more in the future. So when do you think you’ll. Have chaos finished I know a lot of people are eagerly waiting and yes that does include me. 🙂

    • tlongford

      Hi Maribel! Thanks for dropping by. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the Greystone Series! I hate to make promises that I can’t keep but I’m hoping to have Chaos finished by the end of September.

  • Cynthia Miller

    I found your first book on amazon for free and I’m so glad I did. I just bought book four and plan on finish it tonight. I would love for you to finish the series. It might be a good idea to have a Facebook page. That way your readers can follow you easily and we can like your page to spread the word.

  • Edith

    I love your books!!! First time I’ve come across your books and I can’t stop from smiling while reading it – especially when it is about Mac and Valor. How many books are there?? So far I saw 4 books. Are you going to write more about the others as the book title? Please say that the series is not over yet. Please continue writing this series!! Thank you for these books!!

    • tlongford

      Thank you!!! So far there are 4 books. I hope to write more. It would be so great to write full time but I only sell a few books a day so I write on weekends. I’ll try to continue the series with Chaos’s story next!

  • Abi

    Just found book 4 and I plan to read it tonight, I’m sure I will love it. The series is so different from other books, it’s a breath of fresh air.

    By the way, I’m glad you decided to continue the series. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I love your books I finished the first 3 in like a day maybe a day in a half then I found the 4th one today and finished I can’t wait till the next one. 🙂

  • LIz

    I loved all three books! I went and reviewed all three on Amazon. I definitely think other people need to know about these great book!!! Can’t wait for the next book. Do you think you have any timeline for the next release?

    • tlongford

      Hi Liz! Thanks for the reviews; you’re the best!

      I don’t have a release date yet and hate to make promises I can’t keep. But I hope to get Defiance finished in a couple of months.

  • Kristal Martinez

    Ms. Taylor. I wanted to let you that not only do I absolutely love your amazing gargoyle stories but my daughter’s (15 & 14 yr.) do as well. All three of us wait in anticipation for each book. We love each character and discuss who we absolutely adoring the most. Lol We greatly hope you can keep writing this series. Thank for such a wonderful gift.
    Sincerely. Kristal Martinez

    • tlongford

      Hi Kristal!

      Thanks for the lovely comment! I will certainly try to continue the series. I’m kinda attached to the guys, myself. Especially Havoc. The good news is that I now have 25,000 words on Defiance’s story and things are moving along fairly quickly!

  • kelly921

    Taylor, I’m a mom of four kids and happened upon your books while looking for something different to read for my kindle. I’ve always been a fan of young-adult fiction and scour for distinctive stories. I just want to say that I absolutely love the originality of your series. I just started reading “Reason” and sincerely hope you continue to write about the other gargoyles. I read Amanda Hocking’s Trylle trilogy awhile ago and enjoyed that she didn’t go with the vampire/werewolf theme that so many aspiring young-adult supernatural authors seem to gravitate towards. Even though there are many excellent writers and interesting stories with that theme, I believe the popularity of Twilight will unfortunately keep them hidden.

    You, however, decided to go against the current trend and the end result is a compelling storyline that makes readers want to know more about these fascinating creatures as they navigate the 21st century and the history behind what made them who they are today.

    I want to encourage you to continue writing and sharing your stories with us. Just remember that selling a few books a day is a pretty impressive feat when your stories could easily be lost among the thousands of ebooks for sale in your genre. I admire your drive to write despite a crazy day job that hijacks most of your time. It’s evident that you have a love for your stories and characters and are not willing to rush in order to make a good story instead of just pushing out poorly written and edited material. The character perspectives you write from shows that you care about how the stories all flow together yet they still remain distinct from one another. I’m really looking forward to reading “Defiance” in the future. Keep up the incredible job you’re doing!

    • tlongford

      Hi Kelly:

      Thanks for the very encouraging message! I’m having fun writing the Greystone series even though I think it would have been safer to write about vampires or werewolves. I think a lot of readers bypass my series because gargoyles just don’t appeal to them. But I’m “in” for at least one more book. I have about 15,000 words written for Defiance’s story and it looks like it will be in his POV.

      • kelly921

        Hi Taylor, I just finished “Reason” this evening. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say I’m going to be impatiently waiting for Defiance to come out to see what is going to happen next with the pack. I know that it will be worth the wait though!

        If you look at the 4 and 5 star reviews of your first book on amazon you’ll notice a common theme among many of the reviews: people are glad to find something different besides vampires and werewolves. The very reason which you believe stops people from buying your book, is the exact reason we bought it in the first place.

        You’ve taken the grotesque creatures that today we know only from “guarding” building tops and are ugly fountain decor and totally changed our opinions about them! You’ve created characters who your readers care about and can identify with. We want to know more about them because they aren’t one dimensional and their stories aren’t loosely veiled imitations of each other. Even the brief glimpses you’ve given us of the harpies show that they have personality, the wretched creatures that they are…they remind me of a flat chested Mater Motley when I envision them.

        I totally understand your time constraints and how difficult it is to find time to write at all, which is why I admire you even publishing the first three ebooks that you have! But you do realize you’ll have tie up a few more loose ends in Defiance’s story if this is the last of the series for awhile?! From what I’ve people have said, it seems you’ve created a pretty strong fan base right now. We want to know what happens to the gargoyles and their growing family!

        Just remember, even though we may not yet number in the gazillions, like those who adore glittery vampires and baby faced wolfmen, we are still here and are looking forward to your stories as we travel with you on your writing journey!

      • tlongford

        Gaah! You’re right! I can’t possibly tie up all the loose ends in one book!

        : D

  • Susan

    Absolutely love your series and can’t get enough of it! THANKS FOR WRITING : D

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taylor! I left a message for you under the contact Taylor link. I wasn’t sure how it would send to you, so I’ll post the message here as well. I really think you have something original with the gargoyles and it would be a shame to not see your dream realized because of setbacks. As I said in my earlier message, I know a few indie authors that I’m sure would love to share some marketing tips with you. Please let me know if I can be of any help. I’ll keep your family in my prayers as well!!

    My email is


    • tlongford

      Hi Terri!

      I received your other message by email. Thanks much!

      I do know a few authors. I think the most important promotion you can do is to have a bunch of reviews lined up early, right after your book is released. I contacted dozens of review sites. Most of them didn’t respond. The rest of them promised me a review but few of them delivered. I think my main problem is the “gargoyle” premise. I just don’t think it appeals to most people.


  • melissa

    Oh lordy, do i want me a sexy gargoyle. I love the vamps and wolves but i truly get to add the goyles now thank you. What a super new concept for us. Dare was fantastic and i finished it faster than valor both were excellent reads i love all the back details you become enamored with all of them wanting to give encouragement love and hugs oh yeah lots of hugs,thank yo so much for giving us your guys and please keep it up i know that things r hard but we r here for you i have been telling my friends about your books hopefully they r buying them. Thank you for the joy you have given me while reading. I await your next novel, with bank card in hand. Until then thank you so much all of my undying gratitude and love for your gargoyles love ya melissa

  • melissa

    Hi i just finished valor in less than 24 hours omg omfg it was really well written easy to follow excellent characters as well as superb story line i am going to get dare in a few minutes i know that u said that u didn’t have a lot of time plus they were not selling fast please note that sometimes it takes a long time to catch on your writing skills would be wasted if you switched to another format stay with the gargoyles and complete their stories

    • tlongford

      Hey Melissa: Thanks for the pep talk! It’s really hard for an indie author like me to get established. Most of the successful ones do a lot of promoting but I haven’t been able to find time for that. Please leave me a review wherever you got your copy of Valor, and also at Goodreads if you’re a member.


  • Cari Shoemaker

    Such a great idea! I just finished Valor over the weekend. I have this bad habit of reading books I like way to fast. I wanted to buy the book and send it to my niece in Germany but I can only find the ebook version.. am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

    I loved valor so much I almost broke out into tears when I finished it. I’m going to try to read dare slower so I dont have to wait in pain for Reason to come out.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE your books!!! can’t wait for the third one. How many book will be in the Greystone series?

  • Kathy j.

    I love the books. Will recommend to the family and friends. Characters are well developed. I am waiting for Ransom

  • Anonymous

    Loved the books! I think I can make it until August!!

    • tlongford

      Thanks! I’ll keep working with August in mind.

      : )

      • Anonymous

        I read a lot paranormal romance books. I really like that your women characters aren’t weak. The whole witch thing is neat too. There are so many ideas that have been done to death in the YA world. It’s nice to read something that’s original. The originality aspect reminds me of the trylle series by Amanda Hocking. (of course your editing is much better than hers, and I’m one of her fans as well!)

        (I’ve already posted a similar review like this on goodreads. I hope it helps you sell more books!)


    • Anonymous

      Taylor, It’s August!! How is Reason coming along? I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  • michelle

    I LOVE your books! I read both in two days and can’t wait for the rest of the series. Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Carol: Good to hear from you! I’m glad you enjoyed the first two books and hope to have the third published by the end of August.


  • Carol

    I finished both books in 4 days on my Kindle Fire…..and hope to see more books on these guys!!! Love them!!!!

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